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Locksmith Opendoors Serrallers in Barcelona, we are used both to work with neighboring communities, as administrators. We know that when a community of neighbors, you need a locksmith, wants a fix or improvement, wants it fast, or because it is urgent or because it has been voted on together.

And we also know that the price has to be competitive because you have to give explanations to all neighbors.


Besides that, as a locksmith community of neighbors, we guarantee our work, because nobody wants to invest money and have to be aware of if now works or not, or if it should be.

We do all our budgets without any compromise and if the customer requires, attended the neighborhood meeting, to explain what it is and its technical details.

Our Services as a locksmith for neighborhood community in Barcelona are all included on this page, such as:

– Springs hydraulic door closers high quality. (So that the door closes always without giving blow)

Depending on the door, it takes a spring or other. Since one has to take into account the weight and size of the door. We know that most community doors in summer hits excessive shock and winter closing costs. For this, it is best to put a thermal spring constant and thus ensure that the door always closes properly and have the necessary security.

– Dock door closers with automatic opening and closing. (Ideal for disabled access)

Locksmith Community of neighbors Barcelona

– Open-door electric. (To open the door of the community from the intercom)

– Masterkeying door. (See Explanatory tab)

– High Security Cylinder with unique master keys (to not make unauthorized copies)

Locksmith Community of neighbors Barcelona

What is achieved by a light bulb with incopiable key? First make sure there are no unauthorized and have some control so that they do not go around making it more copies of copies. And secondly, with this I made sure that the bulb does not have unnecessary wear for making copies each in a site, since doing this, it produces each key has different millimeters and wear inside the bulb and break before . In addition to this, if you ever get the bulb by vandalism or anything else breaks, you do not need to change again all the keys, and it gets the same bulb to existing keys and so always have it as new all without to reinvest a pretty penny. Therefore, often worth investing a little at first, be sure and save the medium term. A locksmith specialized community neighbors.

electronic -Bombillos. (To have total access control)

-Doors Parking.


And many more …

Property Manager locksmith to Barcelona

Our locksmiths in Barcelona estate manager is totally professional. Over the years, we have been taking the necessary experience. We know that an administrator, you need is flexibility, clarity and that each neighborhood community in which we work, either Barcelona or any people, what you need is that the neighbors are happy.

We always guarantee all our work, we always try to have no claim. But if you have, it is solved instantly.

Count on us.