Security in Crystals




How does safety film Laminotech?


The safety and security films for glass processing Laminotech stick to the inside of the glass and act as protective layers to immobilize the fragments and splinters in case of glass breakage. Safety film is manufactured with single or multiple layers of polyester film and transparent optical resistant laminated together in a variety of constructions. One side of the film is covered with a highly effective adhesive formulation is applied to the inner surface of the glass, while the outside (facing the room) is protected with a special coating resistant to scratches.


These films are tested and testing – again and again. The film protects Laminotech airports, malls, countless transport, schools and hospitals. It is rugged, reliable, and saves lives. Even in dangerous places, it’s good to know there Laminotech.


Risk Mitigation


Laminotech series of safety and security films for glass processing transforms the most vulnerable and risky for your home and workplace a safer environment. The installation of the film proper Laminotech can minimize the risk of injury from glass, resulting from impact, shock, explosion or natural disaster.

At home, the security transparent film of 4000 professionally applied, usually to protect a child to encounter a glass door, or shatter a glass with the ball.

In the central areas with a high concentration of buildings with glass fronts and glass, the threat of terrorist attack, vandalism and theft requires the highest level of protection provided Laminotech films 7, 8 and 12 thousand.

In the vicinity of potentially explosive sites such as oil refineries, gas tanks and industries in general, the security Laminotech films 7, 8 and 12 000 can provide a higher level of protection.

In regions where the potential for catastrophe comes from natural hazards such as hurricanes, severe storms or earthquakes, movies Laminotech 12,000 security can help save lives.

The film can protect Laminotech personal injury and property damage, to adhere firmly most of the broken glass to the film, minimizing the dispersion of fragments and splinters, saving lives and protecting property.


Combination Solar – Security Film


The series also includes films Laminotech providing considerable control solar heat by rejecting infrared energy, thus contributing to energy efficiency and reducing costs. Glare is also reduced to a minimum, hot spots are neutralized, and increased occupant comfort and productivity. Laminotech films also provide protection against the insidious effects of ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is the main responsible for the fading of textiles in the home or office, and the primary cause of skin lesions. Laminotech rejects up to 99% of UV rays.

Testing and certification: Safety film has successfully achieved the following standards:


4 mil (100 microns):

British Standard 6206, approved: 1981, Class B

• ANSI Z 97.1, approved (100 lb. – 12 «drop pendulum)

• CPSC 1201, approved, Category 1 (100 lb. – 18 «drop pendulum)

• European standard EN 12600 level 2B2, approved

Safety film of 4000: Helps improve safety during the glass breakage, providing greater protection against accidents with windows and sliding doors, and against flying fragments in the air during the bombing.


7 mil (175 microns):

• CPSC 1201, approved (100 lb. – 48 «drop pendulum)

• • European standard EN 12600 level 1B1, approved

• • ANSI Z 97.1-1984, approved, Category 2 (100 lbs. – 48 «drop pendulum)

GSA tested by ARA LEVEL C: 600 lbs, 188 feet,

Average maximum extent Pressure: 4.4 psi,

Average measured positive boost: 30 psi-msec.

(Level of risk: Low. Protection level: High. 2-3b)

Safety film 7000: for protection against bomb blasts, when used with a locking system.


8 Mil (200 microns):

• Approved by EN 356, Class P1

• CPSC 1201, approved (100 lb. – 48 «drop pendulum)

• ANSI Z 97.1-1984, approved, Category 2 (100 lbs. – 48 «drop pendulum)

• European Standard BS EN 12600 level 1B1, approved

Safety film 8000: for use in places where glass is vulnerable to attacks; antimissile.


12 mil (300 microns):

Approved according to German DIN 52290 (11/88), part 4, Class A1 (drop on the test piece 3 steel balls of 9 lbs. From 11.5 feet)

• European Standard EN 356, P2A, approved

• UL 972 Standard for burglary resistant glazing materials, approved

Safety film 12 000: more protection and security against theft, explosion of bombs, shells, natural disasters. Improves protection against bomb blasts, burglary, theft lightning, vandalism and hurricane damage.





The line-protection plates form an invisible barrier graffiti that can be applied on any smooth surface such as glass, acrylic, metal or other nonporous surfaces. They have an adhesive that allows quick replacement, professionally, once the damage caused by vandalism has damaged the appearance of its crystals.

The surface of the resist film against scratches safety shallow epidermal this film is slightly porous, which prevents certain inks or paints adhere graffiti, which causes solvent can be removed without damaging the film . Coating add chemicals to equally resist scratches that intentional recording acid crystals.


In case of deep scratches rebels or painted, the film acts as a barrier, preventing them from penetrating into the glass.


Replacing a damaged film, is much less expensive than a complete change of glass.