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Opening and installation of safe

safe barcelonaBarcelonaTo open safes, you can clearly say that not just any locksmith. If you want them to open a safe in Barcelona and province and that this is done quickly and professionally, do not hesitate. We know very well how.

In addition, if you want, are we left like new!

By having qualified locksmiths and with the latest tools, our team of locksmiths, will solve the problem at a time.

Always open your safe, if it is a simple case, we open it and leave it intact. If it is a safe security, we can restore.
We work with all brands of safes for both openings and for installation.


When installing a safe, you have to decide whether you want a domestic professional or safe.

-Boxes Strong professional: They are especially intended for security companies. It is grade III cases, they do function vault and 2 boxes inside grade III for the custody of arms and ammunition separately. Whether for these or other cases, it can be said that these homologated boxes are safety at its best.
Strong domestic -Boxes: They are suitable for both home, office and hotel rooms. They are easy to install. We have a wide range in home safes for you this quiet.

Not all safes are equal and have the same security.

Although we work with all brands, we always have our favorites: Safes

Safes, a locksmith necessary?

Cuando hablamos de cajas fuertes, si que sabemos que no puede abrirlas cualquier cerrajero, ( o por lo menos abrirla como es debido).

If what you want is properly open, with or without one if possible the least possible damage, expect locksmiths Barcelona Opendoors. We have the best specialists and the best tools on the market to carry out the task.

Not all safes are equal, and of course not open all the same. So you have to be always forming, updating and adapting to all existing systems today.

When it comes to open a safe, you should have the best tools, because it is not worth with a simple drill and a drill. We must be specialized for what we will do tool.

Yes also desired, can also leave its fully restored safe even if you lost the keys or the combination, we are the open, we changed the keys, the combination and let you totally new box.