Master Key


OPENDOOR Locksmiths in Barcelona, we manage to offer greater safety and comfort for you. Whether in your home or in your business, we take care to do a study and advise that is what best fits your need, either master key traditional locks or modernized systems of electronic access control (keypads, fingerprints, facial, card, etc.).

We understand the hierarchical master key as the rational use of keys. We can also adopt this term when a cylinder is open for more than a different key, or a multipurpose key that can open several cylinders according to a Closure Plan established.

Master keying in Barcelona

Master key barcelona

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Simple Masterkeying

Application: in houses, halls, schools and small office buildings and industrial premises of some importance.

Masterkeying Hierarchy

They are characterized by several groups formed by a number of open doors with your own key, a submaster group and a teacher who opens all doors groups.

Typical example small hotels in which groups are formed by the rooms on one floor, and there is a submaster per plant and a general teacher who opens all rooms and other services.

Master key and type building close facilities

The developments and community buildings have several accessible doors to all tenants or owners. Generally entry portal or gate, elevator to garage, sports court, access to garage, storage rooms, boardroom, roofs, etc … Each neighbor can open these doors with the same key that opens only your home.

a) The one and only key also serves to any other lock of his private use.

b) Creating own access keys can perform their particular control such as the use of spaces rented garage.

Facilities with master master key and cross key.

– Especially suitable for large companies, where the powers and responsibilities of each employee are well defined. An installation of this type solves problems more diverse and more complex closure. Here one key opens, for example, all the doors or only a particular door. Or all the doors of certain department, or just the doors of all the halls. Or only dispatches, or certain workshops, or whatever you want to open. This is possible thanks to the peculiarity of this system that allows the crossing of combinations, so that one door can be opened by master keys and submaestras.