Reinforced door Barcelona

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Locksmiths in Barcelona Open Doors Serrallers, offer security in every way.

Reinforced door BarcelonaOur offer of armored doors with installation of two steel plates Armored Barcelona 0.8 mmPuerta each on one side and then decorating choice.. Because safety is not at odds with aesthetics.
You can feel safe at home comfortably.

Besides this, you may choose to lock your door accompanying so completely multiply your security and make your home quiet you deserve.
Our methodology is simple:

You contact us, we made an appointment with you, we move to your home, take measures and inspect the place to put it. We quote and you decide. Simple.

Find the door you need from the wide variety of products. Locksmiths Opendoors Barcelona, we have gates, doors and service. You also have technical doors for more specific needs. All our doors are made with high quality finishes and with maximum security.

Barcelona Gate Security

Shielded or armored door? It all depends on how much you want to spend. So that we understand, is not the same wear a cap that a helmet.

But if it is very important, what matching matching, the door is accompanied by a lock cylinder and that is truly security. Returning to the analogy before, if you put a door anti-pump to say something, but then have a light bulb in a few second is handled and opened, it is useless. It is like putting a case unbuttoned.

Therefore, it is advisable, choose the type of door you choose, is that this is accompanied by the proper lock. There are many offers of armored doors today. But not all offer the same security.