Automation and motors


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In Opendoors locksmiths, we specialize in automation and motorization, overhead garage doors, commercial blinds, rolling shutters and even the gateway to your community.

– We fix, replace and install the engines for parking, so you do not have to enter open. The automation necessary.

– We fix, replace and install engines in its trade do not have to make that effort every morning.

– Automate access to your garage, your store, your house, etc.

Often it seems to be done on a whim automating their access. Not always, in your business, it can be easily expedite work and gain time to give a good aspect for its customer

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Physically disabled access

– We fix, replace and install pedestrian access in your community or business.
Current legislation requires that in places of residence or work physically handicapped access is automated to ensure fast and convenient entry. We will resolve the situation quickly. A suitable automatism in its proper place, it is always the solution.

We understand accessibility as an integral element of the design and configuration of any public space of the city. As well as the availability and configuration of any public or private space anywhere, community neighbors, shop, house deprives, etc integrated in the global environmental and their interactions adaptation.

It is on the basis of this general accessibility support a specific service to the bathroom for people with disabilities who need support to enter and exit the water is defined.

Ask for a quote and are happy to assist you.